Waiting to see what stirs

I have the rare ability to not only drive myself crazy but also my friends as I wrestle relentlessly with decision-making… On the eve of my departure from work, I had managed to work myself into a terror-loop and hoped that I would have an epiphany and everything would fall magically into perfect place ….  in the midst of my “am I doing the right thing” one of these long-suffering friends sent me a poem by Dorothy Walters. On first reading,  I wept – there was something deeply meaningful and resonant for me and just knowing that I needed to be still and to allow what is internal to present itself and not, as I so frequently do, waiting for something or someone outside myself to show me the way in kaleidoscope colour… If you haven’t had the joy of reading her poetry, there are a number of anthologies including “Marrow of Flame” and “A Cloth of Fine Gold”, the latter has the poem I want to share….

A Language You Once Knew

There will be an invitation.

It will not come tied in ribbons

nor a message streaming down

from the sky.

There will be no Roman candles


nor brilliant colors

exploding overhead.

Instead there will be a soft


in your ear,

something in a language

you once knew

and are trying to learn again.

In order to hear it,

you will need to

put down all your packages,

stop everything you are doing

and stand very still

then wait…

until something stirs inside.

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