Reflections upside down

The metaphor of what happens on your yoga mat is really just a reflection of how you live your life and it was so clearly reflected to me this morning…. I was feeling incredibly grateful that I have this time to imagine a different way of living and working… and was delighted to be in one of my favourite yoga classes and wanting to do everything immediately and perfectly… then suddenly it was tripod headstand… and today i couldn’t get near the posture.. it just was not happening for me and I couldn’t muscle through it.. the fear of falling over, of hurting myself, of not believing I could do such a posture…and then i spent the rest of the class berating myself… after everyone left I went into tripod headstand… wavered a little, felt a bit wobbly and then just stood comfortably in the pose and gazed at my world upside down… no expectations, no fear, no fierceness, no demanding… just a quiet couple of minutes on my head whilst gazing at my world from another vantage point….

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