More than history repeating itself

15 years ago we came to Broken Hill after I saw a sign in some tiny interior town in New South Wales on an earlier holiday that said Broken Hill 500 kilometres … and thought I want to go there. I love the desert, it probably is my South African roots – many childhood trips into the arid interior with its clean, dry heat and expanse of baking land seemed to soothe me. So Broken Hill 15 years ago was reminiscent of something I once knew and was also a place of unexpected new delight… particularly the Living Desert with its sculpture symposium atop a hill overlooking a lyrical and feminine landscape…. and it was here on an evening when the sun was setting and a full moon was rising low in the sky that I saw the curve of the world and in that moment I imagined that at some point my purpose would be somehow working with people and nourishing their potential. 15 years on we spent every day at the Living Desert... warm dry days following torrential rain that had nourished the elusive Sturt Desert Pea…. this time the statues are more integrated into their environment and were even more beautiful and welcoming than I remembered. At different times in the day the light may be harsh or gentle or inspirational… and unswerving for me was the 360 degree panorama that held the curve of the world. I don’t know what 2011 holds for me but I do know that the premise of Curve of the World 15 years ago was to nourish and nurture the potential and possibility within people professionally and personally … 15 years on it feels stronger and more powerful, like it is waiting to unfold as a journey rather than a destination. Perhaps my feminine is on the rise.

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