Patience and Patterns

My shingles is here making itself known with sharp pains in the middle of the night… I want it to be gone and finished and it wants me to see certain truths… According to Louise Hay’s “Heal your Body”, the mental cause for shingles is holding the belief of “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. The truth is I do this all the time and focus on whatever may go wrong, whatever imminent disaster is waiting in the wings…For the first time in a very long time (perhaps ever) I am imagining that everything in my life is well and that I can exhale and trust the process…and so I am now welcoming the message from my blistered friends and making peace with the patterns that shape my life and the importance of patience in allowing everything to ripen to its full potential and not wishing away even the most uncomfortable of situations… These are all metaphors for our professional life as well and perhaps Curve of the World will be working with the power of the individual and the team and the ability to see the patterns, working with and including the shadow and making the connections that allow for success and growth. Oh and here is my favourite photo from a setting sun over the Living Desert….

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