Choose Contentment

I got a fabulous book yesterday from a friend of mine “A year of living your yoga”. Today’s statement was Choose Contentment… and 5 weeks on from leaving work that is exactly how I feel – there is something extraordinarily empowering about finding an internal rhythm of strength and ease. In yoga the sutras of Patanjali talk of sthira and sukha, a perfect balance of alertness and strength with relaxation and comfort – and in the briefest of moments when the chatter in my head stills and my body feels easy and open, I find fleeting balance in my yoga practice. And it is at that precise moment that I know at a visceral level why I not only love my yoga but also need it to bring me back to myself and my breath… so with every slug-like step I take as I meander through my days at the moment, content, I am also wondering (or should that read worrying) when this contentment will flower into a passionate way of working… see how fleeting contentment is 🙂

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