A food note from Rooiels

My first day here in Rooiels, despite steamy eyeballs, I was desperate for fresh Atlantic crayfish and we got word that if we snuck into a tiny out-of-the-way bar down a dirt road we may be able to find Spider and he may have crayfish… we did and more importantly he did .. and home with our live booty to cook, we gobbled delicious crayfish and I was in heaven.. Michael and whoever else is visiting for the day (and there are many visitors) dive into icy False Bay and emerge a couple of hours later with crayfish which I continue to devour…. I have managed to consume my body weight in alcohol and seafood and biltong and rusks… Thankfully I haven’t extended my unbridled appetite to the rest of the wildlife which is also plentiful… troops of baboons trying to ransack the house (primates scare me), fieldmice, a tortoise, a mongoose, franklin families, and even huge pods of dolpins just in front of the house and a whale…. all viewed from the comfort of a soft chair gazing at the ocean, well out of the claws of the howling south-easter, and of course with a red wine in hand and some delicious morsel to nibble…

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