Loving it

I remember driving back to Cape Town regularly when I was at University in Johannesburg and thinking the drive was hideous and boring and endless and needing to be over immediately. And now having spent three days driving back to Johannesburg it was deliciously beautiful…. purple-hazed mountains off in the distance and blazing hot little towns baking in the wide streets…. I wanted to weep most of the time as it is a rare beauty that talks to my Taurean soul – and as we watched the vineyards turn into fruit trees and eventually the landscape gave way to sheep and then cattle and its like you are tracing the bread basket of South Africa. We spent the first night with a friend in Prins Albert who has built an amazing straw-bale house that had goggas that liked me and bit me… but he did make the yummiest karoo lamb tagine and there was a night sky with fairylights. I feel entranced with everything I am not sure if it is the freedom of new life or if it is the pull of Africa… So here I am in Prins Albert the night after too much alcohol and not enough sleep 🙂

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