A Cape Feast

A quintessentially South African evening at the home of a leading academic and his wife with 20 guests, Afrikaans, English and German happily babbling, a magnificent vegetable, herb and medicinal plant garden (he is a botanist), and a theme for the evening of diversity…. And then the Cape feast and what a feast it was … I tasted for the first time Buchu brandy – a lime green aperitif which was delicious (not sure why I slugged down two though). Our host, Ben had paired each one of the courses with magical Cape wines and his wife had prepared for two days to produce mountains of traditional food … We gobbled through 5 courses – starting with a beautifully barbequed galjoen (a fish that tastes like crayfish and can’t be purchased as it is protected species… It had been caught by our host in Namibia). We continued with butternut soup and a braai and waterblommetjie bredie… All the while swilling wines from the Cedarberg and then the straw that broke the camel’s back or at least left me feeling steamy-eyeballed in the morning was the Van der hum liquer, a bit like drain cleaner really… Speaking of which the swimming pool here in Parkview is a buchu brandy lime green and could probably do with some drain cleaner … The thing that always surprises me here is the diversity and the colourful and fascinating lives people lead … A couple who set up radio stations in conflict-torn countries predominantly in Africa, an actor who is currently writing a children’s Cookery book and a bushel of brilliant botanists … Perhaps this is what I want to be invoked in me … My brilliant career 🙂

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