Medicinal time

Medicine men is a theme here … perhaps part of this trip was energetically medicinal for me… From walking in the fynbos in Rooi Els with holiday memories from childhood to photographing Jafta Pietersen in Prince Albert who teaches children the healing properties of the native plants …. and then Ben on Saturday with his garden of Eden – I am positive no complaint would go untreated there. Of course there is the story of Africa which is being told to me by diverse (there is that theme again) … The eloquent Stephanie explaining the tale of the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the 13 years she has worked there this war-ravaged country has got worse despite billions of UN dollars pouring in…. Or darling Jo who arrived on Sunday bearing her two extraordinary photographic essays that in their desolate and intensely human way showcase the horror of the war that gripped Angola and continues to with its land mines and poverty and broken ex- soldiers…. And of course my personal experience of being here and feeling deeply held and connected and filled with an enormous gratitude for having this time as we hop towards the year of the rabbit ….. Meet Jafta 🙂

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