I am no scientist but surely there must be some thought that what Queensland is experiencing may, just may, be related to changing weather conditions…. This is not just in expected distant formerly-dusty towns swamped by a mountain of swollen water… Rather this time it is also in Brisbane in the cbd … I know this city – a neat, contained city with a well behaved river and blazing sunshine now waiting for a 5.5 metre surge… A friend in Brisbane sent a text this am to say how surreal it is but he is safe … Last time I spent a whole wad of time in South Africa the nation’s capital, Canberra was engulfed in flames… It is a fierce continent with a veneer of calm…

2 thoughts on “Floods

  1. Sigh, this was disastrous for many of my friends in Brisbane 😦 My parents were ok as they live on a hill, but so many people I know what to evacuate and while no one is hurt, they are now beginning the big clean up which will take a lot of time and money 😦

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