Another road trip

I have never been north of Durban … Not sure if it is some snob appeal about the Cape being better or more whatever…. So an 1800 km road trip through Kwazulu-Natal was an exciting prospect despite the roadworks and trucks and taxis and unroadworthy cars and pedestrians and goats and cattle and potholes and suicidal guinea fowl… We finally arrived at Jeremy and his newly renovated home at the ocean and had a blissful, balmy late afternoon made sweeter by champagne on a caramel-sanded 25 km pristine beach…The house is relaxing and still unfinished – high ceilings, windows and views, breezes and chandeliers and a tree in the middle of the houseWhen the heavens opened later the following night the retractable but unsealed roof rained happily on said tree (and floor) – I wonder if they will grow tired of mopping up? By day we sat on his deck like slugs and plunged into the can’t-stand-on-the-bottom salt pool (not sure why he wants his guests to drown)… 3 dogs including a springer spaniel puppy, Molly, with no spatial skills and boundless energy that drives a long-suffering retriever crazy by chewing on her ears and paws… and 3 cats mostly ignoring us and a passing parade of building contractors fixing their imperfect work for our architect who appeared randomly to hang out with us…

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