Bolt upright

I don’t have photos, well I do, but I am uniquely challenged with more gadgets in my possession … None of which I actually know how to use… But it is late and I wanted to write… I have just returned from Cape Town tonight – again smitten with her beauty and that clean, Atlantic air… I spent two days working … Odd but I put my high red shoes on the first day and my squashed toes reminded me what work was and what to do… And I even enjoyed it … First night I spent at the luscious Raddisson Blu in Mouille Point…. There was a goddess heavy full moon rising over Table Bay and we drank bubbles and ate delicious seafood and all I could smell was the kelp (fat pieces of stinky seaweed) in the icy Atlantic … It is a smell I miss in my marrow … Australia’s Pacific is beautiful but she is aroma less…I have slept with such abandon since I arrived here but i am sleepless with the unknown of my next step… All I know is that on Sunday I board a flight back to Sydney….

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