A slow learner

Despite traveling heaps and knowing how dreadful it is to arrive with more luggage than the queen… I have never managed to learn how to pack properly, lightly, concisely and with limits…. again a metaphor for the rest of my life…. plentitude, excess, more than required and limitless… today is no exception…. I thankfully have upgraded my flight back to Sydney so I am going to arrive at the airport with a Paris-Hilton-wannabe-chihuahua-beaded warthog in a bag … I commissioned the delightful Eddie (who is a roadside extraordinary sculptor of beaded animals) to make me a baby warthog to go with my other mother warthog who lives in Sydney with me… Having poor spatial skills I figured it would be easily disguised as carry-on luggage… a little tusk or two would be whisked through customs… I collected an enormous yet beautiful teenage warthog yesterday that barely fitted into the boot let alone an overhead locker… so I will swagger on said plane with a hopefully well-behaved warthog…. oh and here is also a pic of the luscious full moon hanging over Table Bay a few nights ago… So it is with a heavy heart that I leave South Africa and have a very real sense that this year is about following my heart – personally and professionally… so who knows….

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