Consulting from the corporate headquarters in the kitchen…

I just met with a guy from the not-for-profit sector who is doing some consulting work for a financial services organisation around establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility program. To help his client he wanted to get my views on what makes for a successful rollout and the creation of a robust and sustainable program… Now that Curve of the World has birthed itself, albeit mainly in my kitchen as it is too hot and humid to sit upstairs in my study, it was actually affirming for me to listen dispassionately to the discussion and realise that I have a body of work and a level of experience that hopefully will find a voice (and income) in time :)… So as always I have to address my endless FEAR… and I love this piece by Kabir, the mystic poet from the 1400s….

When you experience your fear you become fearless.
All other fears merge with that fear.
If you fear that fear, then you will become fearful.
Be fearless, and all your fears will flee.

2 thoughts on “Consulting from the corporate headquarters in the kitchen…

  1. Hi Merle

    Good to meet you in SA during your visit. Wish we had more time to chat. Nina pointed me in the direction of your site -very good reading!

    Amanda in Group HR

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