Gratitude or at least my version

Having spent the last few years as my long-suffering friends and family (particularly my sister) will bear testament to… with me consumed with my own melancholy around a broken heart and an unfilled longing and a discomfort with myself. It is astonishing what happens when the veil of your own narcissism lifts and reveals a lightness for so long dampened and a hint of possibility that lights your step… Gratitude not being my strongest suit, I have surrendered somewhat to just being grateful – for everything… not wishing for more or different; or comparisons; or longings; just a deep sense of gratitude… and somewhere profoundly knowing that this knowledge is somehow leading me to the work I will be doing with people – not the eternal optimist with platitudes, rather a pragmatic approach to owning your light and probably more importantly your shadow and all that they together hold and create in such unique melding… Perhaps the sweet spot for Curve of the World is in just such a mirror?

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