Unexpected and uninvited

Yesterday as we walked beside the ocean a friend asked when he would feel that his house was his home and his sanctuary… and I had a sense of him being bowled over by a deep and unexpected sense of isolation and loneliness… what struck me is for those of us who live close to the emotional surface, the ability to navigate our own emotions, and wander through melancholy or fear, loneliness or anger, or any other orchestral emotion, is just easier than for those who live far away from this cauldron… and at some point in their lives they stumble unexpectedly into an unknown, uninvited and now over-exposed emotional world… they have neither the words, nor comprehension and in many cases only some slight far-off childhood memory of such a feeling… And I suppose for me the truth is when you become your own sanctuary and take up comfortable residence within, this gets reflected in the external…

2 thoughts on “Unexpected and uninvited

  1. Are emotions like tools? If they don’t know the feel of your hand on them, they will be unwieldy. Rather like a hammer with a work-worn handle (ok, maybe something more subtle than a hammer, but then a hammer can be sooo subtle)
    Look at the pic on my blog, it caused such a storm-surge that I nearly ran up the mountain!

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