No Climate Change?

As we boil in Sydney with unrelenting heat, Cyclone Yasi is expected to make landfall in far north Queensland between Cairns and Innisfail…It’s a category 5 cyclone – the most destructive and powerful cyclone that Australia has experienced (or so I read – more powerful than Cyclone Tracy that devastated Darwin in the 70s)… Yes I know it is cyclone season… Yes I know Queensland is on a flood plain… and Yes I am always nervous wading into a climate change debate with no scientific background … so I write about this more from a personal non-evidence based intuitive position… it seems that Queensland has had ferocious flooding this year and now this waterlogged state faces the ferocity of a life-threatening cyclone… those satellite images of this force of nature growing in stature are mesmerising…. people are being evacuated from the area, preparing for the worst and in the words of a spokesperson from the bureau of meteorology, “This impact is likely to be more life threatening than any experienced during recent generations.” I don’t have children but if I did I would wonder why we aren’t at least propelling our governments around the world to take climate change seriously …. right this moment.

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