A revelation

I have an admission… I have spent a small mortgage on charlatans of every description over the years – from aura soma readers to ones who channel long-dead saints…I hear the refrain… A fool and her money are soon parted… but today was the cherry on the top… I drove one hour to see the worst of the worst psychics who took my watch in her red-lipped hand and told me about my 17 year old son and snobby private schools … problem I don’t actually have a son or daughter for that matter… I let her babble for 30 mins with her eyes closed and me wondering why I do this… So here is one of my lessons from today (perhaps from the snobby school)… this journey through the year of the rabbit is my journey of discovery – it has no shortcuts nor can I relinquish my “destiny” to some random person…and to everyone celebrations for the year of the rabbit – I feel it will bring a bounce to my oxen step…

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