Revisiting the old….

Today was a big day… I went into the office in Melbourne for the first time in 3 months to present a piece a piece of work I had done… It was lovely to see a bunch of people particularly my kind, compassionate and endlessly supportive ex-boss… but it was also a little daunting for me – obviously I remember working in the business but it felt strangely unfamiliar and bewildering… as I navigate this new world there is such a strong need for recalibration of everything I have known and to let it all go and allow the new to enter – it sounds so cheerfully easy… last night I spent the evening with an old friend of mine in Melbourne who has also embraced a career change and given up her demanding role in an NGO to start a silver jewellery business – we are such opposites – she runs towards change as I cower in the background looking on in awe…maybe that is an old stereotype I also need to relinquish for a more relevant appraisal of my risk appetite 🙂

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