Numeracy… Numerals… Numerology

Accountancy, Psychology or the Occult – perhaps there are similarities and that’s why I was suddenly taken with accounting conventions last week 🙂 …I have just completed the long version Enneagram questionnaire in preparation for a course next week and needed to complete it as if I was in my late teens (long time ago…) The Ennegram is my new favourite, wisest way of looking at the complexity of personality types with a strong spiritual perspective… Although you may recognise yourself in all nine fundamental personality types, your most defining characteristics will be reflected in one major type… To date I have been convinced I am a 6, The Loyalist – largely because I am so bound by fear… but I am actually a 2 The Helper with 6 leanings .. think I am happier being a 6…. maybe a bit like an asset and a liability really… or maybe this little gem from Henri Tracol is more relevant ” Whenever a man awakes, he awakes from the false assumption that he has always been awake, and therefore the master of his thoughts, feelings and actions”…

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