I have been struggling to find a place in Cape Town for my sojourn this year… everything I have seen looks slightly wilted and unfortunate and overpriced… and as I sit here gazing at the magnificent Sydney skyline in my office I am unwilling to trade down even if it is only for a few months… Today I was extremely grumpy, I am not usually a moody person but I felt beset with grumpiness and discomfort with everything… my sister sent an email this morning telling me about a website she’d used to find a groovy little apartment in Portland when she went a-visiting and that it had Cape Town offerings as well… so still filled with grumblings I checked it out and there was this place that just felt simpatico… that it was meant for me… pity then it was more than double the price I was prepared to pay….so I wrote a note explaining how my life was in flux, I had recently left my job after 20 or so years and was returning a bit like the prodigal daughter for a brief stay in the mother city… and guess what… I now have the most divine in-a-garden-eco-meditative spot that I am delighted with sight unseen … without putting a hex on it I do hope it lives up to expectations… but it is one of those moments when I have to acknowledge that the universe is supporting me – and I need to honour that, accept that and be deeply grateful for that…

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