Sweet treats

Okay so I wrote my first closed book exam in 500 years and still feel shell shocked… I think I am scared of multiple choice because it forces me to make a decision and I hate that (and they all looked right which I think was wrong)… Having falling briefly in love with accounting, the exam managed to rid me of this lunacy and I am back to being right-brained and numerically challenged… anyway I stumbled out of the room after 2.5 hours and felt like I need to gulp a gallon of gin… but instead the delightful catski all the way from Londontown came to visit with me to teach me how to be a better blogger (bugger)… and not only will my blogs be better (one can only hope) but she also bought with her the yummiest of adriano zumbo’s macarons

like wasabi and pickled ginger (yuck) and coconut and pandan (delish) and a deathly sweet toasted marshmallow which thankfully we washed down with soothing oolong tea…

7 thoughts on “Sweet treats

  1. Merle (2.0) – Love the Blog. Inspirational and uplifting. I enjoy sharing your journey and just reading about you and Cat getting together gave we waves of nostalgia. Two awesome inviduals, I miss you both!!

  2. So far, your blog looks real good. Mine is still under construction,but I have written a post and my profile. I need to import a photo into the headliner,… all sorts of details. How lucky you are to have Catty!!!! I wish I had her to coach me. (I’m not computer savvy.) I do love the photo you have in your headliner. Down Under is so very beautiful, although my heart goes out to NZ right now. Being an American in California, I can only see the photos. (For now.) I wish you all the best!

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