A journey of learning

I have turned into the new course junkie… I am loving every minute of learning (the exams scare the hell out of me and fill me with dread and lack of ability) but the actual process of learning something new, something different, something meaningful is profound for me at the moment. Today and tomorrow I am on the Enneagram for Leaders training – so in two weeks I have moved from a left brain financial, accounting, risk course to a deeply psycho-spirtitual examination … you really can’t get much more extreme in their opposites… and I love both equally and differently… I feel so delighted to have this time to really integrate some of my learnings and certainly the Enneagram will be included in future people and culture-based work… So now I am swanning off on a beautiful balmy evening in Sydney to listen to the dulcet tones of Martha Wainwright at the Opera House… today life is sweet.

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