Too much money for little return…

I spent Thursday and Friday learning about the Enneagram and our personas and shadows and fixations and just love the tool – think it has all manner of incredible ways to be used in corporate life… One thing I always struggle with is the notion that our personality is fixed possibly when we are still in the womb… and yes there are nurture issues and socialisation processes but ultimately we are who we are from day dot… and I love the idea that somehow this is more fluid and not as stuck and rigid… and I certainly have spent a king’s ransom on therapies, complementary medicine and the odd charlatan or ten in this misguided hope that suddenly my personality would be altered… so imagine my laughter at the mirror back to me when I opened my facebook page to find a message from a woman I haven’t laid eyes on since school who as part of the commentary on my blog says the following “Merle, you so have not changed”… Imagine what I could have done with all the money I have spent over the years… what fabulous shiny object I could have purchased with this squandered resource…

One thought on “Too much money for little return…

  1. I have noticed that, anyone who tells me that I haven’t changed usually means it in a derogatory way, and they knew me in childhood and never really did understand me. Or it’s a family member who insists that I should somehow “fall in line” with their idea of a pecking order, and they refuse to see me as I am.And when someone insists that you haven’t changed, perhaps it is them who didn’t change and they are mirroring onto you what they see in themselves.
    I do believe that we have unique qualities which last until the grave. Personality is as transient as anything else. As Buddha said, nouns are a lie and verbs are the truth. In other words, if you pick your nose in a moment, this does not define you as a nose-picker…There are no nose-pickers, there is only nose-pickING. No therapist in the world will give you that simple wisdom. Pretty baubles have their place, and, you can’t wear your therapist. Still, you had a journey, and now you can say “Been there, done that”, and then journey onwards to become whatever you choose to be.

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