Yet another lesson from yoga

In my yoga practice I think a great deal about attachment and surrender and finding the space and sweetness of the pose even if at times I want to slay the instructor for holding us for an eternity in some impossibly difficult pose… and I always have a tough time really getting the concept of surrender and just allowing something to unfold… and in the last two days this notion of detachment and surrender have shown up in two separate business meetings… this does not mean I was not interested, engaged and present but rather that it really didn’t matter what the results were… I was more interested in being involved and excited about the opportunity of new people, new stuff, new thinking… and guess what… both will mean work for me if I want… and I had this practical realisation that whatever we are fixated on will elude us in some way and it is only in allowing the unfolding to happen that possibility takes shape… this is esoteric I know but I think it has meaning in all parts of my life and love.

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