168 hours

What an amazing night…A friend took me to a Wake Up Sydney! event…their motto is as follows: “Inspire a kindness Revolution – towards yourself, each other and the natural world.” The drawcard for me was the magnificent Petrea King, the founder of the Quest for Life) foundation… it works with people facing death, loss, grief or any trauma… and her message is compelling – some stand out pieces were about us needing to live each and every one of the 168 hours in our week through being present which means coming back to our senses… touch, sight, smell, sound, taste – it is very difficult to stay in the “drama” of past events or future fears if you are truly with your senses right now… and she spoke about how we can experience internal peace in our lives by responding and not reacting; by forgiveness for events in the past; by making meaning of what happens to us and by a deep sense of connectedness – with these we can discover an internal peace. Yet the evening and its impact on me was way more than I expected … from a hypnotic drone flute meditation to a group singing teacher having us wide-eyed folk belting out a song… The one that got me weeping (which isn’t hard to do) was a young man who won the inaugural Kindness Award… he started a not for profit… called Little Travellers – originally South African, his parents left when he was young, he was a winner of an international mathematics olympiad… and then was struck by some peculiar disease leaving him bedridden and unable to even count for three years… as part of his healing he established this simple concept of building sustainability and possibility back into destitute communities in South Africa racked by HIV Aids…Little Travellers are beautiful little beaded dolls that they sell around the world … oh and he is also completing his Doctorate in Pure Mathematics at Sydney Uni (and he looks like he has barely hit puberty)…One at a time in small ways we actually do make a difference.

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