Marking a centenary

It is International Women’s Day – today celebrates 100 years of women’s achievements – economic, social, political … in fact in some countries it’s a public holiday like Russia and Vietnam… what has been beautiful for me are the notes and texts I have received from girlfriends all acknowledging and marking this important date… I know that as women we have made huge strides forward since those first suffragettes demanded the vote… but there’s a really long way yet to go… seeing those hideous images of unarmed women being fired upon in the Ivory Coast should leave us clear about the extent of the journey over the next 100 years…

2 thoughts on “Marking a centenary

  1. wow, happy womens day all! im so happy to be one and celebrating success and also digging in as you said so well ,and getting very clear about the role i have as a woman for a part of that next 100 yrs ! great reminder …

  2. I have to think about this. We are being told many fearful things. Much of it is disinformation to gain support for another war. That is how the UN works. They start the wars and then, in grand gesture, move right in and take over to “keep the peace”. Why isn’t more attention being called to Guatemala, where over 681 women have been (reputedly) killed. What little I’ve heard doesn’t make sense. There is no “who” or “why”. There is only opinion expressed that no one cares, there. And there are million$ in food and supplies just sitting in warehouses in Haiti, where no one is being helped, and where the media failed to report that Canada was there, 2 years ago, shooting down starving citizens. One has to wonder about the many visits to Haiti by Bill Clinton, and his many visits to south Africa under the guise of “business”. I think that it’s monkey business….. With all that is turbulent in these times, to focus on sexual issue seems moot. Yet, what I “see” is that, until men come into balance, and it is clear they are far from it,..women will come into balance. Being a woman, I can talk. Too many women are predators or victims. Many are both. Just like men. It is a human condition that mutates over many lifetimes. The true misogynists are in the Vatican, the temples, the pulpit, and mosques. And many haters of women are the women, themselves. Being haters of men is no less ignorant. The real problem being that society is sick, which puts everything off balance. I like being a “girl”, but I don’t see a gender as something to celebrate. Merit, achievement, talent, innovation, accomplishment,… these things matter, irregardless of your sex. Power comes from within. The human condition is to take it away from others and hoard it. The atrocities visited upon our sisters 100 years ago are still being done, including forced circumcision and many forms of physical and mental degradation. Women need to grow some ‘nads and take names.

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