Are you bored yet?

iPhone and iPadusers… I am such a one – gadget city – that’s me with little to no understanding of how to use the technology I have… Most people I know who don’t have an iPhone are bored to tears as we chatter inanely about our apps we’ve downloaded and how meaningful they are… as I don’t play any games they are spared this mind-numbing discussion … but given I talk a lot about GRATITUDE and the importance of bringing this into every part of my life, I have downloaded a marvellous app (Yawn)… a Gratitude Diary … and every day I note a few things for which I am grateful… as an example today I am grateful that I have avoided the root canal dentist (I cancelled my appointment scheduled for 2pm because my sore tooth has settled down and so have my nerves) and on the other extreme today I was at the 5 Chefs Committee meeting for Starlight Foundation and I am grateful for having this opportunity… Oh and have I told you about the other apps I have 🙂

One thought on “Are you bored yet?

  1. I, too, am not so hot with newfangled gadgets. Today, I completed my blog with photos, and commentary, and a recipe, and I’m quite happy with it. There are still things I need to post, as like favorite blogs I visit. All in good time. Gotta learn my way around how to do all that. If it weren’t for my hubby’s help, I somehow doubt that I would’ve gotten it off the ground. He seems to know what I don’t, and I know things he doesn’t yet know, so it all balances out.
    That’s what we seek to do , isn’t it? We seek balance and stability while keeping our sanity intact. But, is this possible?
    You mention the “B” word. Bored. Can’t say that I am. I never really slow down long enough to figure out such a mood. In younger days, I was quite familiar with it. Reduced to that void of nothingness, like a broken toy without a voice.
    But don’t you go there now. I really like your space.

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