An object of heartfelt beauty

I went for lunch yesterday with someone who I feel honoured to have in my life and as we ate a scrumptious lunch he unveiled a gift for me… among his many talents is the fact he is a woodworker… a detailed and specific craftsperson… and he had made for me (I understand there were several prototypes not to his liking) the most beautiful, amazing wooden jewellery box… I can’t really describe how special it feels to have someone create a unique and unexpected gift for me – and a gift that so deeply recognises who I am and the the things I love… there is a learning here for me that when our heart and spirit are involved in whatever we do our experience and the experience of the recipient is profoundly moving… And interestingly the actual jewellery box is simple and uncluttered to the viewer but amazingly complex in its design and detail… and that perhaps is another one of its gifts… allow the simplicity to sing far louder than any complexity… and always to come truly from the heart…

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