I am working quite diligently (at least for me) on creating IP that I can re-use once I have some paid work… It is fascinating how working in a vacuum is quite soothing for me and it reminds me that I spent 18 months many moons ago working in isolation on my Masters thesis and managed to find a joy in the creation and then the final output of a mammoth 400 page document… For someone so focussed on developing teams and the power of teamwork I am also seeing the vital ingredient of working solo… interesting that a big fear of mine has been whether I have the capacity to work alone… and so as I sit here on a beautiful early autumnal day I wonder whether I can find an equal amount of joy in the creation of stuff without being in team and without knowing what the final output will be (I guess my dream is that someone will pay me handsomely for my work and then maybe I can have a team too).

3 thoughts on “Solo

  1. If you’re ever too lonely, you can always call me. I’ll be making laps around the house like a crazy person 🙂

    Your solo time is probably equally as scary and fantastic as it is for me right now to be STILL and have NOTHING to do but sit and think and relax. It’s good for the soul!

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