Anger dissipates

Last night to deal with my Vesuvius anger, I decided I could either drink like a fish or sweat like a pig… I decided on the latter and figured if I still needed to slurp, I could do that afterwards… needless to say in the midst of a bucket of sweat, I realised that my malcontent was not only about what is happening in my small world but really a reflection of a deep sense of dis-ease with what is unfolding around the world… I feel a bit like one of those crazy cult members who will start stockpiling water and tinned food to prepare for the end of the world… yet energetically there is a profound sense that all is not well in our world and this is adding dramatically to my own inner anxious conversations about this new journey of mine… In truth I am Taurean so I look for steadiness and reliability and at the moment internally and externally I feel I am only dealing with unknowns and unseens and maybes…

One thought on “Anger dissipates

  1. As a fan and piscean (my birthday on this day – 16/03) might I highlight that with unseens, unknowns and maybes is endless possibility and limitless potential

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