A typical day

Someone asked me what does a typical day look like… I wake up and roar up to my study to check my email… email is usually punctuated with a wooly mix of astrology, some call to action around sustainability and sometimes a comment or two on my blog… not much else… oh and I read several newspapers online… breakfast (the cat and I)… and then if I am suitably unmotivated or alternatively filled with joie de vivre I will sweat through a morning yoga class… showered and now I have taken to dressing in a way that won’t embarrass me dreadfully if Prince Charming showed up at my front door… I will re-read newspapers (just in case) and then make a bunch of phone calls… (hopefully one of them at least will have the possibility of a professional call)… my blog…
and then if I am really well behaved I will begin to create stuff for business not yet through my door (same one with Prince Charming)… and will trawl the internet for related words of wisdom to help craft some document I am working on… by now I am stir-crazy and make more calls to brighten my day… (and read the newspaper again… and occasionally check out the weather… and my bank account … nerve wracking but necessary)… One living being that is filled with delight that I am here in the top floor is the cat… he can’t quite believe it took me 17 of his years to make it to hanging out with him… that is a day… I am hoping that it extends to wake up … get paid… yoga… headstand… fun

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