Today the moon is on its closest approach to earth in two decades in what is known as a Supermoon… the armageddon soothsayers have tales of more earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis and the dismissive sceptics gleefully ignore the possibility that science may not always have the answer… I don’t want to wade into the debate and rather like to think that the moon with all her feminine charm is closest to us tonight and with her fullness in bloom brings with her the possibility of expansion and enhancement… I stumbled on this beautiful thought by Paulo Coehlo…”At any moment in time we have one foot in a fairytale and one foot in the abyss”…

4 thoughts on “Supermoon

  1. You’re misrepresenting my post here. I’m not ignoring any possibilities, just taking the information at hand and coming to a conclusion about what possibilities there are. Sure there’s a possibility that there could be a major disaster on this date, but to accept it as probability is not what I do. Like I said, “correlation does not imply causation.” Be careful of what you read and think about the reasons you are fed such information. It’s not just that people could be wrong, but that they again and again prove that this is the case.

    That aside, I hope you do enjoy the moon tnoght, and that I am proven to be right to be skeptical of the Armageddonist claims.

    I too will be basking in tonight’s moon’s glory, telescope at my side, wondering at the beauty of the earth and surrounds we inhabit.

  2. Im so enjoying your blog Merle, thank you for sharing.

    I missed the moon last evening and Im hoping for a break in this weather so I can sit and enjoy its majestic presence this evening. Everything seems much smaller in comparison to a full moon, it makes me feel at its mercy!

    The “the possibility of expansion and enhancement” I love it.

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