Drills and nerves

My second visit in as many years to the Endontist… what you ask is such a person – well he specialises in the inside of the tooth – the pulp and nerves and other squeamish things… (it is bewildering enough that anyone would want to do such job)… so I arrived with sweaty palms and teeth no longer aching (the teeth have developed a life all of their own and I think they were terrified of what might happen to them if they misbehaved) and a grinding jaw that no amount of yoga seems to passify… He was very calm and very gentle and tapped and froze and magnified the offending teeth and tried to calm this terrified patient and I am saved from root canal treatment for the second time… I skip out of there… I love my teeth… I love my jaw… in fact I think I love the endontist too… For now I have another toothy root-canal-free life…

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