Yesterday was a big day for me – it was the first presentation to a 10-person executive team in my new iteration as Curve of the World talking about People and Culture… Something dreadful happens to me when I get anxious – I berate myself and talk myself down and make the experience unbearable… So yesterday instead of working myself into an anxious and worthless knot, I snuck off for an hour of yoga at midday… from virtue cards at the reception desk I picked Certitude – truth be known I had no idea what it meant… to be without doubt in one’s capability… and so I took this into the rest of the day and out to the meeting… with the hope that I would rest in the comfort of finding a confidence in what I have to offer whatever the outcome of the meeting… So perched on the most beautiful of heels I delivered the presentation without too much sweating and gnashing of teeth and teetered out of there with delight and grace that this was a first for Curve of the World and I had survived…

3 thoughts on “Certitude

  1. You leave me quite curious about your presentation. To stand before a board of ten…. depending on what side of the chair you are positioned at… these people have the power to decide what you will or won’t have from them. Did they appear as agreeable, or ferocious? Did they appear as larger than life?….I used to be an officer on the board for the local Arts Council. Oddly enough, when an artist attended to ask for a show, I wasn’t focusing on that person. I was looking at the others on the board and wishing that I could replace them with people who knew what they were doing. The artist presenting their portfolio could dart their stare from one set of eyes to the next, not knowing that one had gas,and another was merely a Sunday painter who wasn’t even in that artist’s league while she sat there, so self-important and full of crap… all were merely human beings with uncertain views and embarrassing body functions, lack of experience and, yes, too lost in their own world to have a clue as to where they stood. Boards are like a matter of the Peter Principle, where each rises to their own level of incompetence and won’t step down. Truly,though,I cheer you on for your moxy and getting beyond the discomfort of being in a position of having to appease and win over. It has been said that when speaking in public, look at their foreheads to appear as if making eye contact, and picture everyone naked. I’d rather not do that because I would laugh like a banshee and they would think me insane. (Okay, so my imagination is a bit twisted). I think you get the jist of it. Besides, …naked people piss me off. So, what was going through your mind? Did you get what you were after? Did you get your point across? I’ll bet you did just fine.

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