Worrying is suffering in advance… I love this quote… I have just had a lesson in the importance of staying present, of trusting what I intuitively know to be true, of remaining grounded and of stilling my centre… Perhaps part of this year’s journey is to let go of my love of drama and my ability to conjure up the worst possible scenario… As I gaze out on a magnificent autumn day I am delighted to be alive and healthy…

One thought on “Worrying

  1. I’m a perpetual worry wart. And those envisioned worst case scenarios,… it just comes automatically, doesn’t it? It’s like these
    are not your own thoughts but rather someone’s mom inside your head, always telling you that whatever it is, it won’t work out. And why? Because they said so, that’s why. It wasn’t for us to ask the question why. It was ours just to do the work. But then, every now and then, we can steal away a moment to enjoy the moment we are in. It sets us free, this bliss. Be it the moon up above or the sunrise below it, the time stands still in a moment.

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