An early birthday…

Ever since I had a serious health issue 12 years ago, I have celebrated each birthday as a milestone – a kind of reflection on the year that was and also an offering of thanks and the possibility of the year that is still to unfold… this year is not only a BIG milestone but I am also managing to celebrate not just here but in Cape Town too in few weeks time… a kind of endless birthday party during the month of April… I feel supremely queenly actually. This birthday party or should that be these birthday parties 🙂 have a theme to reflect this year’s journey… Eat (which I am managing to consume my body weight in chocolate at the moment), Pray (at least my addiction is yoga and nothing more sinister) and Love (interesting for me it is a real awakening of resolutely loving and honouring myself – the first time ever)…. and so it was with wide-eyed delight that I found a beautifully packaged prize waiting on my doorstep for me… dear catski sent me an unexpected early prize before she left for London… a little twiglet tea holder… she will house my other addiction – oolong tea…

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