Different Realities

I don’t think there are loads of people out there that trust their motor mechanics but I have a fabulous one… Joe… Joe’s workshop is what I call a graveyard for sexy European cars and Vespas from the 60s which litter his workshop… I told him today it’s not a great advertisement for his business in that I was there 2 months ago getting something fixed and 2 months later the half-dead but oh so beautiful ancient Mercedes from 1960 is still up on stilts… You can also kill yourself tripping over a bevy of extraordinarily beautiful (I am not sure they actually work) Vespas that look like a brooding group of Gina Lollobrigida fans… And I went from this fabulous environment to a meeting in the city… How amazingly different are these realities… no sexy European bright red motorscooters… just a bunch of suits on mobile phones… If you’re in Sydney and you’re interested in a great value-for-money motor mechanic… let me know and I will forward details…

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