Brightening the lives....

I am crawling in traffic this morning on my way to a Starlight committee meeting at Randwick Childrens’ Hospital… and not feeling particularly perky because whenever I enter a hospital, it’s like no time has passed I can remember my stay as a 4 year old alone in a hospital in Cape Town a gazillion years ago… I always find my breath shortens and there is a childlike quality about how I look nervously at passing medical staff… and then I enter into the delight of the Starlight Express Room and the energy of the amazing Captain Starlights and I know absolutely why I support and work for the charity and know that they truly transform and brighten the lives of seriously ill children…

Shaun Presland from Sake

It is an amazing colourful, fun space and at the end of the meeting, some of the chefs due to participate at the 5 Chefs Dinner in May arrived to host fabulous activities with the children in hospital like sushi making with Shaun Presland and pasta making with Giovanni Pilu … And so I depart keenly aware of how happy I am to be involved with Starlight Foundation and how important it is for us to help raise as much money as we can….

2 thoughts on “Starlight

  1. I also think the Starlight Foundation is doing amazing things. I remember the Starlight Express room from when I volunteered and I think it’s cool that you can’t see the hospital at all from inside the room (ie no windows out into the hospital) and you cannot talk to the kids about their illness 🙂 It’s an escape for everyone, including the grown ups, I think!

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