We had the best party…

My party was inspired by my Eat, Pray, Love year… The eating got off to a massive start… thankfully I don’t run a catering firm as we’d be bankrupt… I figure the average person eats like a wrestling star… so after loads of baking and cooking and then a little more baking and cooking just in case… we also had delivered some delicious catered food… My Praying part of the day started with a yoga session with my niece in tow… and an ab workout that left me praying for an early end to the class… and the Love was the whole weekend… family and friends and just a beautiful heartfelt time and of course my unbelievably uncomfortable but totally divine stripper shoes which I was perched on for most of the night until the souls of my feet started praying for their redemption… What a fabulous night…. French bubbles early… it was the best party I have ever had… I did end up weeping through my speech – so much for introducing humour and lightness… Like my horoscope said I need to relax into the magic and just whoosh along.

4 thoughts on “Partytime

  1. Hello darling Merlie Perlie, what a feast you had, and how glorious your house looks … and those shoes….. My God you are irrisistable ! All our love from Kaapstad… Anya and Dirk and Jas and Katoo xxxxxxx

  2. Im also loving the stripper shoes as well.. Congratulations Merle you are absolutly glowing. Your Eat Love Pray time is certainly agreeing with you…Enjoy your celebration time.

    • Thanks Kimmie… It has been an astonishing journey of learning to just let things unfold… and mostly not terrified 🙂 … Will definitely organise a catch up when I return from Cape Town x

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