A tentative new skill

There is one continuous theme for me… GRATITUDE… It is like a discovery for me. As soon as I feel awkward or anxious I try somatically to feel gratitude in my body… Every yoga practice, I dedicate to Gratitude… every moment when I wish for something more, I dedicate to Gratitude… every time I ponder on what is lacking in my life, I dedicate to Gratitude… It is a new skill for me and I am not very good at it so I bought an app for my iPhone recently, a Gratitude Diary… and I have been keeping this conscientiously in an effort to ground the smallest of detail into an attitude of thankfulness and deep awareness of all that is so present in my life… What is it about focusing on what else, what more, what lack… I think part of being present and conscious for me is Gratitude and the realisation that there is way more joy and lusciousness in what is and not what I silently and often unrequitedly wish for…

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