The stress of decision-making

Not sure if you know the difference between a “P” and a “J”… Perceiving and Judging which are two preferences from the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) based on the personality theory of Carl Jung… they are just two of the preferences that relate to how we deal with the outer world… the “J” prefers to plan, has a clear goal and seeks closure (read can make a decision with some ease and actually stresses if you dilly dally about making a decision)…. the “P” (that is me with bells on) prefers to be spontaneous and flexible and is always exploring new options (read hates making a decision and likes to keep everything open-ended and will dilly dally and make the “J” crazy)… I am an off-the-scale-never-to-be-repeated P… I love options… I mean I love options and hate making a decision… So here I be a week off from going to Cape Town… the tickets are bought, the accommodation rented, the hire car hired, the birthday party organised, the housesitter ready, the direct debits in order… I mean this is a done deal… yet the “P” in me is meandering through options… why am I going… do I really want to… why now… why for so long… I think I just need a “J” to come and give me a smack and drive me to the airport 🙂

One thought on “The stress of decision-making

  1. olaloos! had great fun catching up on your latest offerings : your writing skills have bloomed! Bring all the piccies of the fab 50 party – even with Brother David lurking in the background like a lost Amish inmate! Must I also bash you on the head when I collect you (dare I say at the Gautrain Station in Sandton???) – where flat heels to wheel the bags! x Michele

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