Group Dynamics

What is it about groups that there is always one “identified patient”? There is always that one individual that seems to hold the shadow for the assembled group. I have attended several courses recently and watched how almost instantaneously a person assumes this awkward role and mostly with little self-awareness holds this irksome place for the group… What is also interesting is how the facilitator manages this process – do they shut the person down, do they humour them, do they pray to the universe to make them go away… This is a good reflection for me as I hope to facilitate more group interactions – what is the healthiest and safest way to manage the group dynamic and the group “outsider” so whatever work you are doing isn’t hijacked by the internal workings… this for me is really fascinating and I’m interested if people have any ideas about managing this. Oh and I do occasionally pay attention to the course material 🙂

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