A whimsical moment

Part of my birthday was spent at Muizenberg in the Cape rain… to watch my buddy’s son learn to surf… I had such a powerful sense of where I spent my summers as a child… swimming in the Indian ocean with my dad and pleading with him to take me out where I couldn’t stand… I feel a bit like that now – without the comfort of a job or my life in Oz… a bit like I am out where I can’t stand and the sense of the unknown and a strange mix of excitement and fear… and returning to change in our bathing box with sand on my feet and hating that feeling of wet sand when I walk … and wishing we could stay longer… and my father ever-vigilant against the South-Easter always wanting to leave in the early afternoon before the wind came up… and memories of gobbling sandwiches from my uncle’s parked car … these beautifully created crustless sandwiches – I loved the egg mayonnaise 🙂 … So yesterday with my childhood buddy in the rainy Cape I felt some old memories stir… it seemed fitting to have a whimsical moment for a birthday in my birthtown…

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