Another birthday party…

Unusually for me this party was quite low key and unstressful… I organised some catering… used my iphone as the music and Leo used it as a camera too 🙂 … borrowed cutlery from my landlady… iced the bubbles (and drank a lot of them)… and then the delicious party of friends some from a hundred years ago and some newer ones… and I realised that even though we may be 1000s of miles away from one another, we remain beautifully and deeply connected… It was special… Beth made me a yummy birthday cake with candles that don’t blow out… so I hoofed and phoofed and spat everywhere in desperation to blow them out… It was the perfect re-entrance party to herald my sojourn in the still rainy and cold Cape… and here is a piece of a birthday poem that was given to me… ” Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive… who is you-er than you! Shout loud, “I am lucky to be what I am! Thank goodness I’m not just a clam or a ham.. or a dusty old jar of sour gooseberry jam! I am what I am! That’s a great thing to be! If I say so myself, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!”

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