2000 metres

Finally after a week of icy Atlantic Cape Town weather… we’ve emerged to two perfect blisteringly beautiful days… It is so difficult to explain to those that haven’t been to Cape Town about how tremulously beautiful Table Mountain and her sister mountains are… and how in your face this 2000m being is.. and yesterday I went up the mountain and for the first time in my life I walked the length of Table Mountain and so gazed at the peninsula with totally different eyes and one of my companions said that it’s really a metaphor for gaining a different perspective on one’s life and being able to look at it from a different vantage point. And I suppose in a way my time here is part of me having a detached view to see not only what lies behind me and before me but also importantly being present to this fleeting moment… and I think for all of us this fleeting moment is sometimes overlooked and we focus on what was and what might have been or we long for a future of possibility and really it is about our point of presence in this moment… don’t worry I am still wrestling with how my professional life will look in the not-to-distant future ūüôā

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