Does this mean I am officially once again a Capetonian… my entire world is based on the weather and what it is doing to the mountain today and whether the wind will drop or the clouds will lift or the balmy day will stay as angelic… A gale force wind battered us on the weekend in Rooi Els… but there is still nothing more fabulous than sitting in the sunroom gazing across False Bay at the outline of the Peninsula etched in pink and purple with the setting sun… and today after waking to a magnificent-Table-Mountain-cablecar-see-the-whole-city day… it bizarrely changed just as we drove to the cable car station… this astonishing fog rolled off the Atlantic… not down the mountain as it usually does but sort of across the whole city… and so instead we spent a magical day in Kirstenbosch protected from the fog… and it was quieter, gentler and more evocative of many moons ago… I sat at Lady Anne Barnard’s bath and remembered how excited I was as a child to stumble on this green, cool spot in the gardens… Strange to be a visitor with a long history but nonetheless a blessed and infinitely grateful visitor…

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