I farewelled my friend back to Oz… and I had this astonishing realisation… that here I am a one-time South African revisiting my birth-town… the truth is I am no longer just from here… I am a mix of Sydney and Cape Town with a touch of Auckland and a smattering of London… I am here with new eyes and here’s the eureka moment for me… with my oz visitor I explored Cape Town with a lens that I would ordinarily not wear… it was refreshing and uplifting… and I thought how it mirrors back that I am a visitor with a history not just from here but from my travels and sojourns in other places… and so it is always when I farewell people, a forlorn sense grips me for a while.. and I of course wonder what the next part of my African adventure will reveal… I feel there is a learning here not just for me navel gazing but perhaps for more of us… we are all such a special hybrid of the places and people and experiences that shape us… and when we get caught up with just one vantage point we may miss the beauty and complexity of a totally different experience…

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