Our Shadow

This is something close to my heart… I wonder why the same pathways are walked blindly by most of us and as we point fingers at all manner of things outside ourselves, often the heart of it lies within… hidden with momentary glimpses on this dark and unwanted part of ourselves… the truth is much more hearty and robust… when we open the door and let the sunlight in and begin to own all that we don’t want to, all that makes us feel uncomfortable and often all that makes us feel overwhelmingly sad.. then we have the opportunity to become healthier and more content with our lives… this morning I felt gripped by my shadow side and sweating during my yoga class I began to feel more welcoming of this darker part of me… for all of us, this week heralds a full moon in Scorpio which is directly opposite to the sun’s position in Taurus… an opportunity to reflect on our shadow and maybe allow a chink of light to cast its disinfectant – we need to embrace the polarities of both our light and shadow…

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