An Academic Visit

I went off to my old alma mater today, UCT… nothing really seems to have changed… maybe the demographics… when I was there in the middle of Apartheid it was a mostly white bunch of students… thankfully that has changed but they still sit around on Jammie Steps eyeing the talent and making some effort to attend some classes… unfortunately my fave canteens from 100 years ago… red level (where average joe from the humanities came) and yellow level (where all who’s who of left wing thinking hung out) no longer exist – so we wandered down university avenue marvelling at how young everyone looks… I wanted to sit in on my friend’s lecture… he said I would be bored… I think he meant I was too stupid to understand 2nd year Chemistry… I think he was right… My friend’s a professor in the Chemistry department at UCT and given I have never done any sciences, it was an eye-opener to see people in lab coats and protective glasses, enormous magnetic machines and centrifugal equipment and everywhere a really peculiar lingering antiseptic smell… he showed me around the chemistry department and our final stop, the scariest, had an enormous explosion last year in the middle of the night when some chemical blew up and destroyed the entire area which is currently being refurbished… I’m not sure the lab coat would protect you…

One thought on “An Academic Visit

  1. your chemistry post reminds me of when i was a substitute teacher in a high school chemistry class and knew less than the stoned , bored students whom i was supposed to “teach”..the highlight of the day was when the extremely scrofulous boys at the back of the room set fire to one another”s hair using the bunsen burners.

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